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Pizza Franchise Insights

If Americans could choose to eat only one food for the remainder of their lives, it would have to be pizza.  According to statistics from Franchise Disclosure Documents, Americans eat on average 100 acres of pizza daily or 350 slices per second.  In addition, 93 percent of Americans eat at least one pizza per month, easily making pizza the number one dinner choice in the United States.  With such mass appeal, it is no surprise that this $40 billion industry (measured by sales per year) makes up approximately 17 percent of all restaurants in the nation.

America’s social media network is more involved than ever before, and pizza franchises are taking advantage of this recent trend in their marketing strategies.  For example, nearly one-half of pizza eaters will search for recommendations on blog sites or Twitter before deciding on their purchase.  Additionally, ordering online and through text messaging is a  trend that is expected to continue to expand in the future.  In fact, it is estimated that only sixteen percent of people in the United States have ever placed a pizza order online.

All in all, pizza franchises are constantly on their toes, revamping their business strategy to maintain long-term profitability.  As long as this sense of innovation never runs dry (and so far, there is no evidence that it will), the pizza industry will continue its success in the future. You can be a part of it by owning your own Dolly’s Pizza Franchise. Dolly’s Pizza provides training, inventory, purchasing, marketing, and support for your new store.

Our Corporate Team:

We are proud to hire as well partner with the best in their industries.  Robert Lewis, CEO oversee operations for Dolly Pizza Franchise, LLC. Emarketing of Michigan, LLC  of Troy, Michigan is a full-service marketing company and works with Dolly’s Pizza Franchise Corporate and Franchise owners in creating the marketing messages and laying out the annual media plan.  Joe Nahra oversees Dolly’s Pizza Business Franchise Development & Real Estate Development Team.


“The secret is in our Sauce” makes Dolly’s Pizza Franchise a great business opportunity.   You’ll feel the energy that comes from our people, our stores and knows first hand why Dolly’s Pizza was voted Best Pizza in Michigan by the Michigan Restaurant Association.

Products & Services


Dolly’s Pizza offers hand tossed traditional pizza, specialty pizza, deep dish, and thin crust pizza, bread sticks, gluten-free crust, dessert pizza, wings, grinders, chicken, ribs, potatoes, pasta, Pepsi beverage products, and catering services.

Training & Support

Welcome To the Team!  Join 15 business owners who have successful completed our two-month “Management Training Program,” Learn how to effectively operate a Dolly’s Pizza Franchise, maintaining store appearance, customer service, and our high standards. While experience is helpful, it is not required. Dolly’s Pizza training programs and ongoing support prepares you to manage and operate your own store for success.

What You Can Receive With your New Dolly’s Pizza Franchise: 

  • A Brand with more than 42 years of experience and expertise
  • A Corporate Marketing Program
  • Use of the “Dolly’s Pizza” name and corporate logo
  • Use of  “Voted Best Pizza in Michigan by the Michigan Rest. Association” icon
  • Real Estate Team To Serve Your Needs
  • Corporate Training Program
  • Grand Opening assistance &  Opening PR/Marketing
  • New products development & releases
  • Vendors that partner for success with rebate programs
  • Franchise Owner Re feral Program



Dolly’s Pizza Franchise, LLC also supports women entrepreneurial and military veterans in business ownership. Dolly’s Pizza offers discounted franchise fees and incentives.

Ready To Learn More?  Next Steps:

Pick up the phone and give Dolly’s Pizza a call or fill out the form below. Information regarding your interest is held in strict confidence. The submission of any form does not constitute an agreement by you or by Dolly’s Pizza Franchising, LLC. and is purely for informational purpose.   For a limited time, geographical/territorial opportunities are available to those who qualify.  Again, we look forward to welcoming you soon to our family!
Robert Lewis, CEO

Request for Franchise

Please submit the following form to request information on franchising opportunities:

Dollys Pizza Franchising, Inc.
Attn: Franchise Business Department
1097-B Union Lake Rd.
White Lake, MI 48386
Contact:  Franchise Development Division
(248) 360-6440

Uniform Clothing Orders

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Pizza Pans

There is a pizza franchise in Michigan called Dolly's Pizza. It isn't a Jets, Papa Johns, or Little Caesars. This pizza franchise is called Dolly's Pizza! They offer area development agreements to area developers with competitive royalties. The royalty expense is about 5 percent of sales. Dolly's Pizza would like to get their international franchises opened in Kuwait as well as in the United States. Some of the Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Hungry Howies Pizza franchisees do very well in other areas. If a Franchisor was franchising in all parts of the world they would expand greatly. The franchise agreement would be different. Dolly's Pizza would be like more franchisees in Western Michigan and Northern Michigan. The business of creating a Franchise Offering Circular extends well beyond Detroit Michigan and the USA.